Information For Investment Advisers

We have designed our service for advisers who seek investment support systems and processes that can accommodate the adviser’s (and their licensee’s) influence on the objectives, structure and holdings of the SMA portfolio.

Some of the results may include:

  • increased business efficiency (with potential to scale-up their business)
  • reduced administration and associated costs (potentially more time to provide service to clients)
  • reduced compliance burdens and associated costs (no need to SoAs to every client everytime there is a portfolio change)
  • demonstrable client advantages

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Are you an independently-minded investment adviser looking for a better way to enable your direct share and portfolio construction expertise?
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When you partner with PacReef...

…you have access to people, processes and systems to support your expertise and experience in direct investments for clients.

You will gain valuable funds management experience and, as a Program Manager for your SMA, you will hold a prominent position on the Investment Committee for the ongoing management of the SMA.

We provide a mentoring and education environment should you require this support.

Your desire to ‘improve your bottom line by delivering more with less’ can be achieved through your partnership with PacReef. Our systems and processes provide the opportunity to deliver your investment expertise efficiently whilst scaling-up for business growth. There are fewer administration and compliance burdens, with no requirement to seek client permission to effect changes to share holdings in the portfolio.

Adviser FAQ's

Compared to managed funds, what are the main advantages to my clients?

Compared to managed funds, what are the main advantages to my clients?

All securities are held and owned individually by the client

Greater transparency

Lower overall fees and Investment Cost Ratio (ICR) compared to most actively managed funds

Better control over the portfolio tax position
How can I use SMAs to help my business?

How can I use SMAs to help my business?

Business efficiency – with SMA models advisers spend less time administering each client’s specific portfolio. This translates to a reduction in the total cost of servicing clients.

Less administration – clients receive the benefits of investing in shares without the adviser’s business impacted by the burden of providing administrative and compliance reporting, and managing each corporate actions individually

Unlike direct shares, with SMAs there’s no need to prepare a Statement of Advice (SOA) every time there’s a change to the shares held within the portfolio.
How can I use SMAs to help my clients?

How can I use SMAs to help my clients?

Investors are invariably looking to have more control over their portfolios and directly investing in shares is being taken up by more and more. SMAs provide this direct share ownership with the added advantages of allowing a broad range of the client’s other investments, and even their life cover, in the same place. This means portfolio reporting can be simpler and easier.

Clients have access to the system to view their individual share holdings held within their portfolio. They are also likely to pay lower brokerage costs than they would pay if trading shares directly and unlike managed funds, their tax position is unaffected by other investors as each investor establishes an individual cost base.
Which clients are suited?

Which clients are suited?

Clients who do not want a stockbroking relationship nor something they want to be bothered with every day. Their portfolio is managed by their adviser supported by a professional team.

Transitioning your direct portfolios

Talk with us about the best way to transition your professional practice to take advantage of PacReef’s processes and systems.