Information For Licensees of Investment Advisers

When you partner with PacReef you can have confidence…

  • that client portfolios have been reviewed by an experienced and appropriate investment committee and that proposed investment changes are reviewed for consistency against portfolio objectives.
  • in the built-in redundancy should something happen to the adviser (short term or long term), allowing ongoing maintenance in accordance with the agreed methodologies.
  • in the investment advice of those advisers using a direct portfolio model.
  • you’ll have your advisers’ client accounts and assets administered on an a platform that delivers transparency and extensive quality reporting.

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Looking for a better way to support your listed securities model portfolios and the direct share expertise of your independently-minded investment advisers?
Licensees Only

'Industrialise’ your direct investment models.

Ideal for licensees wanting to provide additional support for their investment advisers that run their own direct investment portfolios for clients. PacReef provides a funds management overlay structure incorporating the rigor of a professional funds manager, to help advisers and their licensees with portfolio construction, management, oversight and reporting. In place are the people, processes and systems to provide an industrial strength approach to constructing investment portfolios for advisers and licensees.

In addition is the opportunity for ongoing sponsorship for improving adviser education and investment understanding, along with enhanced professionalism, oversight and transparency of holdings with individually managed client portfolios.

You will be supporting your advisers to become more efficient and improve their capability to scale up their business.

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