Neal Hornsby
Managing Director

PacReef Asset Management (PacReef) is an Australian-owned business established in 2015 by a team with broad investment industry experience and expertise.

PacReef provides a funds management overlay structure combining the rigor of a professional funds manager with the specific investment skills of investment advisers. It enables advisers and their licensees to perform customised portfolio construction, management, oversight and reporting. PacReef has in place the people, processes and systems to provide an industrial strength approach to constructing investment portfolios.

"More and more clients want their investment adviser to provide advice and services using direct investment models, believing this will provide superior outcomes and transparency. The more sophisticated advisers providing such services often use readily available share trading systems, with each transaction approved by the client. But there are issues and risks associated with this approach."

"So we developed a modern approach, designed to support advisers and their licensees with the challenges they face. It’s a service comprising excellent administration, research, risk analysis and compliance. And its different to most SMAs because each SMA 'Program Manager' is the adviser or licensee rather than the usual institutional teams (often with their constraints) from the big investment managers."

"Rather than simply rely on the assets and models commonly available on their licensee's approved products list (and achieve the results that flow), we find these advisers strive to improve their clients’ outcomes further. So we facilitate and support their investment expertise with quality technical investment support and systems which also scales up their back office functions. And the same is offered to licensees seeking to ensure their direct investment models can be implemented by their advisers efficiently and accurately."

"Our objective is to improve the adviser’s bottom line as they strive to improve their clients’ bottom lines. At the same time, we seek to reduce some of the risks to which advice licensees are exposed. It is our service, it’s modern and it’s different.”