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If you have confidence in your investment adviser, but would like the additional backing of a professional funds management team, then PacReef’s SMA’s may suit you. Our SMA’s are managed by investment advisers with the support and guidance of our investment team.

We have designed our service for those who want:

  • greater information on where their money is invested
  • the benefits gained through holding investments directly rather than via managed funds or portfolios managed by institutional teams
  • direct investments but do not have the desire or time to handle it themselves, and
  • the expertise of their adviser and/or licensee to influence the objectives, structure and holdings of their portfolio

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Compared to common methods for managing a direct investment portfolio and managed funds, PacReef’s approach provides some key advantages:

Ease of access to information allows a you, the PacReef investor, to view and assess –

  • transactions
  • all holdings
  • corporate actions
  • fees and expenses
  • returns
  • sources of returns…

…and more, including information designed to assist tax planning. This transparency can increase confidence in understanding your portfolio and the results.

Compared to managed funds, tax advantages include –

  • Tax liabilities are not embedded within PacReef’s SMA structure
  • You do not suffer the tax consequences of the activities of other investors
  • Realised capital losses may be used to offset capital gains realised on your other investments

Advantages include – 

  • You may transfer your existing portfolio (to the extent and proportion of investments contained in the PacReef SMA model) without having to liquidate all positions. This avoids capital gains tax impacts on transferred positions
  • Holdings in your existing portfolio that do not fit into the PacReef SMA model may be transferred to a separate account linked to the SMA.
  • Importantly, you may transact on your account without disrupting the portfolio structure.

Compared with managing a direct equity investment service an adviser’s compliance and administration burden is reduced as are the paperwork requirements between investor and adviser.

Portfolio risk is eased for –

  • Portfolio decisions – these are made with the support of PacReef’s independent investment committee, processes and analytics
  • Timeliness of implementing decisions – your portfolio manager can act in a timely manner without the compliance and authorisation delays often incurred by the required processes imposed on advisers.

PacReef offers lower custody and execution costs than most retail broking services.

Transaction costs may be reduced to zero within a PacReef SMA as a result of the ‘netting’ of buy and sell transactions across all an adviser’s client portfolios before orders are placed.

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